BudgetLink – Faster than ever (May 2014)

Over the last six months, we’ve put considerable efforts to make BudgetLink faster than ever.

We’ve improved:

  • the time it takes to get data;
  • the amount of memory it uses;
  • the time it takes to start;
  • the time it takes to close down.

Get Data Speed Improvements

We’ve considerably improved the time it takes for the Get Data to run by changing the way the data is stored into memory. BudgetLink’s memory model is now more efficient and streamlined. The more time consuming algorithms have been redesigned to calculate the required numbers on the fly. As such, they no longer weigh down the application or slow down the get data process.

Memory Usage Improvements

By redesigning the memory model, BudgetLink uses considerably less memory to store the data it needs to generate reports. As such, it is quicker, more stable and reliable. This is particularly important for those consolidating large data files together.

Closing Speed Improvements

One added benefit of the new memory model is that by using less memory, BudgetLink needs to release less memory when closing down. This means that BudgetLink can close quickly in most environments.

Opening Speed Improvements

Lastly, we’ve restructured the code such that portions which are rarely ever used are only loaded when required. BudgetLink should start considerably faster on most systems.

You can download the latest upgrade of BudgetLink (v3.42.1.104) as well as read the terms from the following link.

You can find the upgrade instructions on our wiki.

For more information about whats included in BudgetLink go here:
BudgetLink Home

We hope this update makes a difference.

Jeff Stephenson
Managing Director | Solution Architect

DirectDebitsLink is now an approved MYOB Addon Solution

MYOB have now approved DirectDebitsLink as the first Banking MYOB Addon Solution. The approval process involved a review of the solution by MYOB’s developer team.

To view the listing click DirectDebitsLink – Standard Edition

This gives visibility to a free solution which gives both small and large Direct Debits users the ability to easily create a Direct Debits ABA file without the need to re-enter payment information into their banks direct debit system.

Jeff Stephenson
Managing Director
Accounting Addons

Goto DirectDebitsLink home for more info

Pricing Methodology

We give away functionality to solve the core accounting problems
Charge a low monthly fee for functionality that solves the complex problems
Assist you with high end consulting services at an hourly rate

MYOB compatability

Our solutions integrate with the following MYOB accounting products, editions and versions:

MYOB AccountRight Live
All editions including AccountRight Live Basics, AccountRight Live Standard, AccountRight Live Plus
Version 2013 and above

MYOB AccountRight Classic
All editions with the MYOB ODBC Driver including AccountRight Enterprise, AccountRight Premier and AccountRight Standard
All versions up to v19.9

Data Cleansing Process

Steps to cleanse an MYOB AccountRight Classic data file

  1. Contact us to discuss your data cleansing requirements.
    We will then provide an estimation
  2. If you choose to proceed then we will forward an invoice for 50% of the minimum expected amount. Upon notification of payment we will schedule in a time to perform the processing. Typically this will be over the week end.
  3. Optimise and backup your MYOB data file
  4. Click this link to open Dropbox
  5. Enter your Name and Email address
  6. At Subject enter [Your Company Name] MYOB Data file
  7. Select your zipped MYOB data file
  8. Select any supporting documents required to match records. ie a list of matching duplicates
  9. In the Notes field enter your MYOB Administrator Username and Password and confirm that the MYOB data file has been optimised. Also include any instructions on what you want us to do
  10. Click Send it
  11. Ensure that users do not make changes to MYOB during processing
  12. When processing is complete an email will be sent with a link to a zipped copy of your cleansed MYOB Data file.
  13. Download and unzip the MYOB Data file and make it the current version.
  14. Check that the MYOB data file appears OK.
  15. When OK advise users that they can log back onto MYOB.

BudgetLink – Specialised Functionality

BudgetLink – Specialised Functionality – Price on Application

Functionality that requires consulting to implement and may require some development depending on what is required.

  • Simultaneous MYOB Category and Job budgeting and reporting
  • Set up and monitor account ratios and KPI’s like Current and Debt to Equity ratio’s
  • Publishing Scripts – Published sets of reports and distributes to users.
  • Overnight Upload – Used if you have many or large data files or many users. Pulls data from from sources overnight so that reports are immediately available
  • Company Eliminations using Categories – Track and eliminate inter-company transactions using categories.
  • Data Archiving – Archive MYOB actual data to allow detailed reporting into historical years even when transactions are purged in MYOB.
  • Consolidate data files across different accounting systems
  • Quotes and Orders Version – Report in a profit and loss and balance sheet format. Combine with Actuals to create a forecast
  • 13 4 weekly period reporting
  • [4, 4, 5] weekly reporting periods
  • Cash flow reporting by Job
  • Benchmarking
  • Cash flow Statements and Forecasts – Split by Operating, Investing and Financing Activities
  • EBIT and EBITDA Reporting
  • Job Linked Customer Hierarchy – Report Profit and Loss by Job Linked Customer
  • Security – Setup users and restrict them from accessing selected reports and divisions (jobs)
  • Integration with MYOB EXO

Download BudgetLink for FREE

BudgetLink Home

BudgetLink – Free Edition

A comprehensive solution that solves your core reporting problems:

  • Capture monthly budget data and compare with actuals by¬†group, company, job and account
  • Print a 12 monthly budget on one page
  • Report variances (standard or impact) by month, range, year to date, annual forecast, last year comparison etc
  • Generate forecasts with actuals to date and budget to the end of the year or beyond
  • Apply ageing to budgets to generate cash flow forecasts.
  • Compare balance for the current month vs the same month last year.
  • Consolidate multiple (unlimited) data files. Report PL, BS & CF with companies across the page
  • Report before last year and beyond next year. Report with years going across the page
  • Report at account and job header levels or consolidate multiple jobs by selecting them
  • Audit transactions not allocated to a job or category.
  • Apply subtotals to values while maintaining variance formulas
  • Show or hide accounts with or without budget and actual values.
  • Report Profit and Loss with jobs across the page at any job level
  • Report Profit and Loss and Balance sheet with years across the page.
  • Generate Board-ready industry standard reports and financial statements out of the box
  • Simplify your reporting. Generate many reports from a few flexible templates by choosing what data to display.
  • Maintenance free. New companies, accounts and jobs are inserted automatically while maintaining formulas
  • Analyse GL performance in the layout your choose using Pivot Tables, Query Tables and Charts
  • Set up multiple (unlimited) instances of BudgetLink and configure for multiple groups of companies or accounting clients
  • Streamline custom reporting by creating your own reporting databases that link with MYOB tables using ODBC
  • Fully customisable and upgradeable. Choose columns to display. Change order by dragging and dropping in Excel.
  • Utilise the inbuilt Excel functions to pull account movements and balances into your existing reports

Price – Free

Download BudgetLink for FREE

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Bulk Deletion and Merging of inactive MYOB Records We provide a service where by we can identify inactive record either by the inactive status and or last sale date and then proceed to either delete or merge those inactive cards or items

Identify and Remove Duplicate Cards – We can start by providing a list of cards that are possible duplicates based on Postcode, Name and Address for you to match, and then automate the process of deleting or merging the duplicates

Bulk Deleting & Merging of inactive MYOB Records


If you have many inactive Customer or Item records in MYOB AccountRight Classic (v19.9 or below) and you want them either deleted or merged and its not an efficient use of your time to do it yourself then we can assist.

We are now providing a service to whereby you can send us your MYOB data file over the week end and we return in by Monday morning with all of your inactive records removed.

Why do it ?
Removing inactive cards or items will:
1. Speed up your MYOB data file so that you can perform accounting tasks in less time
2. Remove irrelevant information so that you can more easily identify and focus on your best customers

How does it work ?
We have developed a scripting tool that allows us to program key strokes to either delete or merge records in MYOB. After connecting the tool to your MYOB data file, we define what records to remove and then start the process. Upon completion we validate that the process worked, optimise your data file, zip it and then return it via YouSendIt.

See it in action

How long does the process take ?
With an 86 mb data file the solution was able to merge 200 records per hour which means that is possible to merge about 2000 records overnight.

What costs are involved ?
We bill our time to run and project manage the process at $192.50/hr inc GST. Typically the service takes between 4 and 6 hours but can take longer. Merging takes longer than deleting and processing larger data files can take longer than smaller ones.

How to get started ?
Contact us on 1300 233 667 (ADDONS) to make an enquiry

What can I expect the process to be going forward?