• Board Ready Reports, Charts, Dashboards and KPI’s in Excel
  • Departmental (Category), Project (Job) and Divisional (Account Sets) Budgets (Multiple) & Analysis
  • Cash Flow Forecasts & Cash Basis Actual Reporting
  • Multiple Data File Consolidations (P&L, BS, CF & More)
  • Weekly Budgeting and Reporting, plus 4-4-5 Weekly and 13-4 Weekly roll ups
  • Multiple Years Reporting, Drill Down to transactions & Capture Comments.
  • Combine Actuals & Orders by Job to create committed costs to date and compare with Quotes and Budgets
  • Customisable to your exact requirements
  • … and much more


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Sound Familiar?…

As a CFO, Finance Manager or Accountant reporting to a Board, you have probably used MS Excel; either to analyse Monthly Budgets by Job or Category, forecast Cash Flow, consolidate Multiple Data Files or create Custom Board or Management Reports.

No doubt you would have created report templates in Excel, added new accounts or jobs, fixed any broken formulas and at least once each reporting period, exported accounting reports, copied and pasted data, reconciled them to ensure accuracy and prepared them for the Board. Typically this would set you back a few hours to a few days each month.

There is a way which avoid this pain…. it’s called BudgetLink.

Our first build back in 1997 was one of the first add-ons to automate finance reports to exact layouts and without errors. Over many years and extensive research it has gone through many innovations to become the fastest, most flexible and capable reporting add-on available.

Every aspect of BudgetLink’s design, from the choice of Excel as its platform to its powerful function base, provides flexibility and adaptability. With BudgetLink, custom Excel report automation is fast, easy and precise while remaining interactive, reliable and easy to maintain.

Most people who trial it, choose BudgetLink. Experience it for yourself; we’re confident you’ll be impressed by what it can do.

System Requirements

View the detailed system requirements

Compatible Accounting Software

Editions and Pricing

You can either Register the Free Edition or Subscribe to a paid edition or purchase features individually.


Free Edition Standard $38.50/Month
Pro $110/month
Ultimate $275/month
Board Ready Reports
Monthly Job Budget Analysis
Cash Flow Forecasting
Multiple Data File Consolidations
Free Reports
Standard Reports
Pro Reports
Ultimate Reports
Specialised Reports $POA $POA $POA
Built To Order Reports $POA $POA $POA
Compatible Accounting Software
MYOB AccountRight (Classic) v19 or below
MYOB AccountRight (Live) v2017
MYOB AccountEdge
Acclivity AccountEdge
Consolidate Accounting Software
Budgeting and Forecasting
Budget Entry
Import and Export Budgets
Restore Budgets
Data Sources
Create Multiple Budgets or Forecasts
Adjustment Versions
Budget Delegation (Budget Templates)
External Data Sources
Carry forward Budgets
Budget Building Templates $POA $POA $POA $POA
Periods and Years
Monthly Periods Reporting
Year-To-Date (YTD) Reporting
Report on more than 3 years
Quarters, Half-Years and Period Ranges
To-Date (TD) Reporting
13th Period Reporting
Alternate Financial Year
Weekly Periods Reporting $660/year
13 x 4-Weekly and 4-4-5 Weekly Period Reporting $825/year
Detail Account Reporting
Header Account Reporting
Divide your Chart of Accounts using Account Sets
Create Standard Chart of Accounts
Statement of Cash Flows Chart (Operating/Investing/Financing)
Jobs & Classes
Detail Job Reporting
Consolidated Job Reporting
No Job Reporting
Header Job Reporting
Alternate Job Headers
Balance Sheet by Job $660/year
Detail Category Reporting
Consolidated Category Reporting
No Category Reporting
Monthly Category Budgeting
Job by Category Budgeting $990/year
Data Files
Data File Consolidations (2)
Data File Consolidations (Unlimited)
Advance Data File Management
Company Groups
Inter-Company Eliminations
Multi-Currency Reporting
Data Versions
Accrual Basis Reporting
MYOB Budgets
MYOB Job Budgets
Cash Basis Reporting $660/year
Cash Cr Dr Basis Reporting $660/year
Orders Data
Quotes Data
Basic Publishing
Advanced Publishing
Publishing Scripts
Advanced Customisation
Excel Functions
Advanced Report Customisation
Advanced Layout Customisation
Editable Report Templates
Advanced Analysis
Drill Down to Transactions
Capture Comments on Reports
Advanced Reporting
Forecasting Function
Acquittal Reporting
Advanced Functionality
Salaries and Wages Budget $495/year $495/year
Data Management
Scheduled Get Data / Auto Upload
Data Archiving $990/year
Report on Purged Data $660/year
Back Up and Restore
Multiple Users & Remote Access
Multiple Users
Share on File Server
Share on Terminal Server
Security Module – Restrict User Access
Share using Dropbox
Work Spaces/Installations 1 1 5 Unlimited
Maintenance & Licensing
Support Options
Online Help
Email and Chat Support
Custom Development Service POA POA POA
Personal Support $206.25/hour $206.25/hour $206.25/hour
* Indicates the cost is a once off fee.
Prices quoted are in $AUD and inclusive of GST.
Note: Not for Profits (NFP) discounts available for the Pro Edition if registered with ‘Connecting Up’.

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Who is it for…

  • CFO’s & Finance Managers preparing variance reports for a Board
  • Not for Profits with Acquittals, Standard Chart of Accounts, Consumer Direct Care, and NDIS reporting requirements
  • Publicly Listed Companies with Statutory and ASIC reporting
  • Mining Companies with Tenements and Capitalised Project Costs
  • Building & Construction tracking Committed Costs and Variations
  • Accountants Preparing Cash Flow Forecasts, Performance and Annual Reports for clients

Be empowered…

  • Fast and Accurate results
  • Fully flexible Templates can be tailored to your Exact Requirements; or
  • Automate your existing MS Excel reports with MYOB Data Functions
  • Plus Industry-Standard Templates for NFP’s, Mining, Retail and more
  • Step Up to Analysing and Directing
  • More Insights and Transparency
  • Secure System Knowledge within the Business

How to get started with BudgetLink

Download a 30 day trial of the Ultimate Edition. From within the software you can then register either the Free Edition, Standard Edition, Pro Edition, Ultimate Edition or Advanced Functionality.

If you’re not ready to download BudgetLink just yet, contact us and ask us any questions you may have.

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Want to take it further?

One of our reporting specialists can automate your existing Excel-based finance reports using BudgetLink or adapt one of BudgetLink’s standard reports to meet your unique requirements. We can also provide training so that you can automate your own custom reports.

What others are saying

BudgetLink has been approved by MYOB as a verified Add-on Solution on their website; recommended for Advanced Reporting, Business Intelligence, Budgeting and Forecasting needs.

Here is what Andrew McMaster BCom, CPA from LifeLine Tasmania had to say about BudgetLink:

“Without a doubt, it is the best add-on software I have ever used. We are running over 20 cost centres and the jobs system is simply brilliant. It has made the budget process a breeze from a reporting perspective.
I’m simply blown away by it every day.

Read more testimonials on our website.

Need Help with BudgetLink?

See BudgetLink’s wiki (online help).

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