Get ODBC access to MYOB ARL, MYOB ARC, Xero and Reckon Accounts.

As MYOB and other accounting software move your accounting data to the Cloud, accessing that data using familiar technologies such as ODBC and SQL has become difficult. Without programming knowledge, utilising the web based API to retrieve your data is near impossible.

ODBClink makes it easy to access your data for free

ODBCLink is an add-on to MYOB that downloads your accounting data into a database; either Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Azure SQL Database or MySQL. There, the data can be queried using SQL. And an ODBC DSN connection can be set up similar to the MYOB ODBC Driver. You can also consolidate data from multiple data files and from different accounting systems.

ODBCLink was developed to connect our own reporting solutions with accounting data in the Cloud. We have made it available for people with add-ons who like us wanted an easier way to connect them with MYOB AccountRight Live

Who is ODBCLink for ?

  • Consultants, Report Developers and IT Personnel who have created reports in Excel, Access, SQL Server or a report writer such as Crystal Reports that integrate with MYOB AccountRight Classic using the MYOB ODBC Driver and want an easy way to upgrade them to work with their clients MYOB AccountRight Live data.

  • Developers who want a fast and low cost method to integrate with MYOB AccountRight live using a programming language (ie vb or vba) that does not support the MYOB API(json)

  • MYOB AccountEdge users who want ODBC access to their data

Compatible Accounting Software

If you know of another accounting product you would like ODBClink to integrate with, please express your interest.

Pricing and Editions

You can either Register the Free Edition or Subscribe to either the Standard or Pro Editions.

Advanced Get Data   Multiple Users & Remote Access   Maintenance & Licensing

$330 / Year
$660 / Year
Download Data into Database
Access Data via ODBC
Create Reports in Excel
Easy to Install
Compatible Accounting Software
MYOB AccountRight Live
MYOB AccountRight Classic v19
MYOB AccountEdge
Reckon Accounts
Multiple Data Files
Consolidate Accounting Systems $POA
More than 10 tables
Standardised tables
MYOX to MYOB Conversion tables $POA
Data Warehouses
Integrate with Microsoft Access
Integrate with SQL Server
Integrate with SQL Server Express
Integrate with Azure SQL databases
Integrate with MySQL databases
Multiple Data Warehouses
Advanced Data Warehouse Management
Advanced Queries and Stored Procedures
Scheduled & Auto Get Data
Archiving/ Synchronising $POA
Write Back to MYOB $POA
Other Features
Multiple Users
Share on File Server
Share on Terminal Server
Multiple Work Spaces/Installations 10
License Transfer
Share using Dropbox
Support Options
Online Help
Personal Support $206.25/hr $206.25/hr
Email and Chat Support
Custom Development $POA $POA
Prices quoted are in $AUD and inclusive of GST.


System Requirements

View the detailed system requirements.

How to get started with ODBClink

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What data is currently available?

We are adding access to different data points based on customer requests. For a complete list of data points, see the supported data points page on the wiki.

What others are saying

ODBClink has been approved by MYOB as Add-on Solution to MYOB on their website; recommended for Data Synchronisation.

Here is what David Johnson had to say about ODBClink:

“Thank you so much. This has made my task much easier. I really didn’t fancy the idea of learning the new approach pushed by MYOB.

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Did you know?

The technology behind ODBClink powers all our other products. You can also check out the following solutions as a starting point to build your own reports.