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To ensure a smooth upgrade process, BudgetLink installer save new files into a new folder and then copy's across any settings and budgets. This allows you to keep the old version and run both in parallel until you are satisfied the upgrade was successful.

If you've not done so, download and install the latest version of BudgetLink. For more information, see Downloading BudgetLink and Installing BudgetLink.

Upgrading BudgetLink

Welcome dialogue
Detected installations dialogue
Detected reports dialogue
Detected data warehouses dialogue

The following instructions will assist you in upgrading your new installation of BudgetLink.

  1. Start BudgetLink;
  2. On the BudgetLink welcome dialogue, read the User License Agreement;
  3. Tick the I Accept... checkbox to confirm your acceptance of the terms;
  4. Click on the Upgrade button;
  5. On the Detected Installations screen, select your old installation of BudgetLink;
  6. If your old installation of BudgetLink is not listed, click the Browse button and browse to the your old BudgetLink.exe;
  7. If you have multiple installations of BudgetLink listed, ensure you select the most recent one (e.g. the one you used);
  8. Once the correct installation is selected in the list, click OK;
  9. BudgetLink will detect reports you would like to transfer to the new installation. If prompted, selected the reports to transfer to the new installation and click Ok;
  10. BudgetLink will detect data warehouses you would like to transfer to the new installation. If prompted, selected the data warehouses to transfer to the new installation and click Ok;
  11. Wait for the upgrade progress dialogue to complete, then click Close;
  12. When the Get Data Options dialogue appears, click on the Options button;
  13. Click on the Versions entry in the left-hand list and double-check and disable any versions you do not need (to ensure the best performance);
  14. Click on the Periods entry in the left-hand list and disable the Weekly Periods option unless you need it;
  15. Perform a Full Get Data and start using BudgetLink.

Download Upgrade Version

Please Click Here to fill in a form to download the latest version of BudgetLinkLink


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