ODBClink v2017.7.2.205

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ODBClink v2017.7.2.205 was released on 26/07/2017.


Data Warehouses

  • Added MySQL data warehouse.
  • Added SQL Server Express data warehouse.
  • Added Azure SQL Database data warehouse.
  • Added new drivers for SQL Server.
  • Added options to optimise the performance for Access, SQL Server, SQL Server Express, Azure SQL Database and MySQL data warehouses.
  • Fine-tuned the performance for all data warehouse types.


  • Enhanced XERO_Employees endpoint to pull all employes regardless of Status.
  • Fixed bug in ODBClink for XERO which fails to download some tables if no data exist.


  • Renamed BudgetLink Data.mdb to AddonsLink Workspace.mdb
  • Fixed issue with upgrade prompting to copy files it shouldn't.

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