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Reading Data

ODBClink allows you to read data into Data Warehouses (e.g. databases).

Writing Data

ODBClink allows you to write data into your accounting packages. See Writing Data for more information.

Data Warehouses

ODBClink can download your accounting packages data into different types of data warehouses (databases).

Scheduled Get Data

ODBClink can download your accounting packages data automatically or overnight.

Financial Years

By default, ODBClink is configured to only retrieve a few financial years into it's memory. This is important to reduce the time the Get Data process takes. However, ODBClink can be configured to pull more (or loss) years into memory.

Read the How to change the numbers of financial years available in ODBClink guide for more information.

Accounting Products

ODBClink can connect to the many accounting products. For a full list, see the Accounting Software page.

Consolidating Multiple Data Files

It can also consolidate data from multiple data files and accounting software. For more information, see Consolidating data from multiple data files.

Advanced Features