ODBClink v2015.2.2.129

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ODBClink v2015.2.2.129 was released on 16/02/2015.


MYOB AccountRight Live

  • Enhanced data connection to support MYOB AccountRight Live 2015.
  • Fixed issue when selecting MYOB AccountRigth Live data file with trailing space and get data failing.
  • Enhanced get data process to handle security settings of IE 10 and 11 relating to MYOB AccountRight Live.


  • Added the ability to download XERO_ProfitAndLossByTrackingCategoryReport.
  • Added Index fields to XERO_TrackingCategories and XERO_TrackingCategoryOptions.
  • Fixed issue to handle extended characters (e.g. é) for Xero.


  • Enhanced licensing to have random generated serial number except for transferkeys.
  • Resolved issue with serial number not being issued prior to showing upgrade dialogues.
  • Trial key have been enhanced to prevent indefinite trials.


  • Add Startup.xlsm workbook.


  • Add error message if using newer version of Excel than 2013.

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