Connecting BudgetLink to MYOB AccountEdge

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You can connect BudgetLink to your MYOB AccountEdge data file.

Connecting BudgetLink to MYOB AccountEdge

Data File Setup dialogue for MYOB AccountEdge

To connect BudgetLink with MYOB AccountEdge, follow these steps. You will need to have the exported your data from MYOB AccountEdge before hand. Note that these instructions do not show you how get to the Data File Setup dialogue.

  1. Go to the Data File Setup dialogue. See Changing how BudgetLink connects to your data file for more information;
  2. Enter Company Name;
  3. Select MYOB AccountEdge (MAC) as the Data File Type;
  4. Click the Browse button to browse to the folder containing the exported data;
  5. Select the Current Financial Year
  6. Select the Last Month in Financial Year
  7. Click OK to close the Data File Setup dialogue;
  8. Click Close to close the Manage Data Files dialogue;
  9. Run your first Get Data.


This getting started video will show you how to connect BudgetLink with MYOB AccountEdge.

BudgetLink Getting Started for MYOB AccountEdge

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