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Upgrade ExcelReportLink Purchases Pivot Solution to get access to the latest features and keep working with the latest versions of windows, Excel or your accounting system.

To ease the pain of upgrades, ExcelReportLink can seamlessly transfer any settings from your old installation and transfer it to the new one. If you have custom solutions or reports, they can be copied across during the upgrade process. Note that you may also need to configure ExcelReportLink for any new features.

The upgrade gets installed separately to your existing solution and copies your existing settings across so you can test it in parallel before obtaining the Upgrade Key.

Latest Upgrades

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Download Upgrade

You can download the latest version of Purchases Pivot Solution by filling in the form from the below link.

Note: if you have any custom reports check with us before upgrading to the latest version.
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Upgrade Support

During the upgrade process you will receive emails with support notes to guide you through the process.

In addition, online self-help on upgrading ExcelReportLink Purchases Pivot Solution is available.

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