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Purchases Pivot Solution

Create any report in Excel to quickly analyse your purchases data

MYOB includes many useful reports, however some find it limited when customising them and can’t include the required fields or achive the desired layout.

ExcelReportLink Purchases Pivot Solution is an MYOB add-on which removes this limitation. It does so by joining all purchases data fields into a single data source and then uses Excels Pivot Table functionality to shape the data into desired layouts by dragging fields into rows and columns.

Out of the box, ExcelReportLink Purchases Pivot Solution comes loaded with:

  • Supplier Purchases Reports;
  • Item Purchases Reports;
  • Job Purchases Reports;
  • Multi-company Reports;
  • Purchases Journal Reports;
  • Custom Reports.

ExcelReportLink Purchases Pivot Solution can produce reports with the following dimensions:

  • Suppliers, with Custom Lists, Custom Fields ;
  • Companies (Data File Consolidations across different accounting software);
  • Jobs and Categories;
  • Account Classifications (Income, Cost of Sales, Gross Profit, Expenses, Operating Profit, Other Income, Other Expenses & Net Profit);
  • Accounts;
  • Items with Custom Fields and Custom Lists;
  • Dates, Months and Financial years;
  • Tax Inc, Tax Ex and Tax Codes;
  • Drilldown to Transaction number, type, Memo and Line Memo and other detail fields;
  • Other detail dimensions like Status, Promised Date and Last Payment Date.



Features / Edition Matrix Free Edition Standard Edition
$330 / year
Pro Edition
$660 / year
Supplier Purchases Reports
Item Purchases Reports
Job Purchases Reports
Account Purchases Reports
Custom Reports
Transaction Purchases Reports
Report before Last Year and after Next Year
Advanced Report Functionality
Advanced Fields
Custom Report Templates
Customisable Data Sources
Orders Data
Custom Data Warehouses POA
Additional Features
Multiple Data File Consolidations
Scheduled & Auto Get Data
Maintenance & Licensing
License Transfer
Multi Users Access
Share on File Server
Share on Terminal Server
Share using Dropbox
Multiple Work Spaces/Installations 10
Support Options
Online Help
Personal Support $206.25/hour $206.25/hour
Email and Chat Support
Custom Development POA POA


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Works with…

System Requirements

Microsoft Excel 2007 to 2013 (32-bit or 64-bit) *

Optional: Microsoft Access 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 (32-bit or 64-bit) *

* Note, the 32-bit version of Microsoft Excel and Access is required when connecting to the older version of MYOB (19.10 or older).

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