Consulting Training Support & Customisation


We provide our consulting services using Team Viewer. They can include:

  • Support with installation and setup;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Training;
  • Answering questions;
  • Consulting with how to achieve business outcomes;
  • Customising solutions to meet your specific requirements


Support is chargeable at AUD $46.875 plus GST per 1/4 hour or part thereof.

Support can be pre-purchased in 1 hour blocks for $187.50 plus GST

Unused support will remain in credit.

If unsure how much time you might require please contact us for an estimation.

For larger customization work we may request that consulting be purchased in blocks of time. Between blocks we will provide updates on work done and estimates on any work remaining.

Buy Consulting Time

If you have already brought personal support hours in advance please request support.

Request Support

Remote Desktop Support

Using Team Viewer we can provide you with virtual in-house assistance. It allows us to view your monitor so that we support as though we’re sitting right next to you, whilst talking to you on the phone.

Click here for instructions on how to allow remote access.

Refund Policy

Click here to read the Refund Policy.