Integrate BudgetLink with MYOB AccountEdge


If you are using MYOB Account Edge on a Mac and what automated reporting then it is possible by using a Windows Emulator.

Versions of MYOB AccountEdge

How does it work ?

BudgetLink gets installed on a Windows emulator such as Parallels.
Reports are generated in MYOB Account Edge and saved into a folder which can be accessed from the Windows Emulator
A connection is created in BudgetLink to the exported report
BudgetLink is then able to run as normal

Here is the Online Help page.

What costs are involved ?

This feature costs $330/year to add to the Free Edition or Standard Edition
It is included in the Pro Edition and Ultimte Edition

Prices quoted are in $AUD and inclusive of GST.

How to get started ?

Download a 30 day free trial of the BudgetLink Ultimate Edition or find out more about BudgetLink.