Delegate Budgeting to the Appropriate Managers using Budget Templates

The Challenge

It is usually easier to create a budgets for many jobs or departments by delegating to the individuals responsible for those jobs/departments. However, you may not want to give them access to BudgetLink.

What can be done ?

BudgetLink provides the means to create budget templates which can be sent to the relevant managers and then easily imported back into the software.

How does it work ?

From the Budget Entry screen, simply click on the Create Template button and select the jobs belonging to the appropriate manager. This new workbook can then be emailed to a manager. Once they have entered all the numbers, use the Import from Template button to import the numbers into BudgetLink. It’s that easy.

What costs are involved ?

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Budget Delegation (Budget Templates)
Prices quoted are in $AUD and inclusive of GST.

How to get started ?

Download BudgetLink Ultimate Edition or find out more about BudgetLink.