ODBClink now compatible with MYOB AccountRight live 2014.3 (June 2014)

MYOB have released the 2014.3 update of MYOB AccountRight live.

You will need to upgrade ODBClink:

  • if you are using ANY version of MYOB AccountRight live on the cloud;
  • if you are planning on upgrading to MYOB AccountRight live 2014.3 and are using it locally, on a server or in the cloud.

Upgrading ODBClink is FREE for all users. You can download the latest upgrade of ODBClink (v3.42.7.109) as well as read the terms from the following link.

You can find the upgrade instructions on our wiki.

For more information about ODBClink, go here.
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We hope this update makes a difference.

Jeff Stephenson
Managing Director | Solution Architect