Thanks so much for your help settling in BudgetLink with our Xero system and department structure etc. We have a budget now with great reporting and visibility so things are looking good!

Kerry Atkins CPA
Head of Finance and Business
Black Dog Institute

“Spoke to a gentleman by the name of Jeff, helped me with MY-OB that support couldn’t help with.
These guys know their stuff.
Thank-you Jeff your help is greatly appreciated”

George Hadjistavrou

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“Non-profit organisations require strong financial reporting to maintain a high level of transparency and accountability. Reports need to be accurate of course, as well as relevant, presentable and time-efficient to produce. This is where BudgetLink stamps its value.
Our firm, Purpose Accounting, specialises in accounting and reporting for non-profits. We use BudgetLink to create customised dashboards that truly engage management and the Board in the key indicators. We then provide meaningful detail using BudgetLink’s Project Budget reporting for the month and year to date (it’s job reporting that overcomes the limitations within the MYOB software itself).
We find the product very reliable and the upload speeds fast. It’s been a winner for us and I write here to recommend the product to organisations looking for more relevant, presentable and timely financial reports.”

Purpose Accounting

“BudgetLink has helped us immeasurably to automate the preparation of our cash flow statement and I thank Jeff and Nick from Accounting Add Ons for their help with this. We have multiple entities (10+) in our IT Telco group (including overseas subsidiaries requiring FX conversion) and the Accounting Add Ons cash flow report has simplified a complex 3 day reporting process into a few hours of work. The guys also helped us with training and using their software effectively.”

Thanks very much!

Anton Gunawardena (Finance Controller)
Fetch TV

“We are a boutique financial management consultancy based in Perth, specialising in the not-for-profit sector. The company is engaged by not-for-profit entities to oversee their financial management, which can include undertaking preparation of management accounts and financial statements, together with budgets and forecasts for senior management and Board. As nearly all not-for-profit Board members are volunteers and in most cases don’t come from a finance background, clarity and consistency in financial reporting is paramount. To accommodate this we have been using BudgetLink since 2009 for all our financial reporting. Being able to build budgets by activity and then align that work to a MYOB chart and job structure provides for an extremely efficient and effective financial management regime. Budget information is built by activity by month and held in a secure environment and then it’s simply a matter of connecting to the MYOB data file to produce multiple reports in varying detail from within the controlled Microsoft Excel interface. We are also currently undertaking a specialist project for WA Sports Federation, the state’s peak sports industry body, to directly assist their membership base; who can vary from large organisations to the very small. Generally we have not had to change our approach, as BudgetLink can scale easily to meet the needs of entities of any size. Further, we are currently working on a more formalised budget building concept with Accounting Addons on behalf of WA Council of Social Service (WACOSS) to provide a
logic-driven front-end to the budgeting process in BudgetLink in line with changing funding criteria and individualised client funding models. We have found BudgetLink to be flexible enough to accommodate this quite specialised work and robust enough to ensure information remains accurate and reliable.”

Rod Lillis
CEO / Director
Crunch Consulting

“I am the CFO of Clearskincare Clinics, a multi-entity business with over 35 entities including one in NZ and across both MYOB ARC and ARL. We have found BudgetLink extremely useful in preparing various monthly financial reports and in particular the use of the multi-entity and consolidation reports which would otherwise involve a large amount of manual work. The team have prepared a number of customisations to meet our requirements and we have found them extremely helpful. We would absolutely recommend this is a great tool for multi-entity reporting.”

S Longes
Clearskincare Clinics

“I am the CTO of FundIT Technology, a company involved in financial analysis of accounting data. As our clients use several different accounting software packages we needed to find a way to get a standardised set of accounting data across all these platforms. BudgetLink has been a great solution to our problem – we are now able to easily import accounting data from multiple software packages and run our analysis on the retrieved data. And in addition to the great software, the Accounting Addons staff have been exceptionally professional and helpful,delivering a new set of customised BudgetLink reports to us in less than a fortnight. Highly recommended.”

J Hedt
FundIT Technology

“I am the COO of Grow a not-for-profit for mental health peer support groups. I have been working for Grow 3.5 years now. When i first cam to Grow the national monthly reports were done on excel sheets and sent in from all over the country…..a mess. Anyway I was introduced to BudgetLink by one of our directors and I have never looked back. National reports are out by the 15th of the next month. Any enhancements Accounting Addons are always there to help with very efficient responses. And they are very patient, they have to be to deal with my very non technical skills. We have just now made BudgetLink available to our national branch managers through Dropbox. Accounting Addons helped us through this whole process. Now managers can access their transaction at any time. On top of all this they are very reasonably priced especially for not-for-profits that need to watch every penny. Thank you guys!”

Brian Parker

“I am a MAC/Account Edge Pro user and have just commissioned Accounting Addons to develop a custom report for me. After years of trying to find a solution via MYOB add ons for what I thought was a simple report, Accounting Addons/Budgetlink immediately solved my issue. It has changed my (accounting) life! Generated in less than a week and with an abundance of help, it was a seamless, painless process. Highly recommend, in particular for Mac users.”


“Without a doubt, it is the best add-on software I have ever used. We are running over 20 cost centres and the jobs system is simply brilliant. It has made the budget process a breeze from a reporting perspective.
I’m simply blown away by it every day.”

Andrew McMaster BCom
LifeLine Tasmania

“Budgetlink for Circa is now about 60+ project data sources (budgets) and does not miss a beat…loving it!”

Evan Wright
Finance Manager

30th January 2014

Feedback from You Grow regarding MYOB data cleansing, add-on development and consulting

Cathy Allington
Managing Director
You Grow Pty Ltd

9th July 2013

“I would like to confirm my praise for BudgetLink as a reporting tool linked with MYOB and would readily recommend your product.

I have found BudgetLink easy to pick up, even if you are not highly IT orientated. When help at hand is needed, a major strength BudgetLink has is the seamless remote access support readily available from the competent and friendly Accounting Addons team.

The presentation, simplicity and flexibility of reporting coupled with MYOB certainly makes BudgetLink cost effective. BudgetLink has reduced the time it takes to produce my reports, especially with multiple job costing actual v budget comparatives, from hours down to just minutes!

BudgetLink itself is easy to edit/customise your own reports giving you the flexibility that off the shelf products do not offer. It has enabled me to produce comprehensive spreadsheets at the touch of a button…instantaneous.

I will happily provide a reference; positive of course! Keep up the good work.”

Lindsay Marshall B Com, CA
Management Consultant
St Johns Cathedral

“BudgetLink has enabled Micah Projects to provide information on budget variances by quickly importing data from MYOB to produce reports for monitoring and review.

The big benefit is that it saves approximately 2 days processing time to produce Acquittal reports. Also unexpectedly we have been able to have enhancements developed that suit our business. We have an ever changing solution which is tailored to the organisations needs.

The best thing is that it’s easy to use and we get exactly what we need.”

Sherryn West
Business Services Manager
Micah Projects Inc

29th Oct 2010

“How exciting! I was climbing the walls trying to find a way to do a budget across multiple cost centres and multiple years. Well done on filling a niche.”

Christine Bassett
Not for Profit Volunteer

20th June 2014

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