ODBClink can get data from MYOB

ODBClink is the leading and FREE add-on to MYOB that allows partners, consultants and developers access to the MYOB data, whether in a local data file, on a server or in the cloud. It does so by providing a simple set of dialogues to connect to your accounting package as well as a simple mechanism to download this data into Microsoft Access .


While ODBClink does not provide a live link to your accounting data, the choice to use a synchronisation approach ensures the best performance when querying the data. This performance gain is noticeable, especially when used with MYOB AccountRight classic.

To refresh the data, you simply need to run the Get Data process again.


The choice to use this synchronisation approach also ensures that ODBClink is stable and cannot corrupt your data file. As such, you can now have any number of users interrogating the synchronised data and none of them need to have MYOB installed on their machines to do so.

When connecting to MYOB AccountRight Live, ODBClink sends the necessary requests without ever getting access to your file.

When connecting to MYOB AccountRight classic, ODBClink actually reads a copy of your MYOB file. Ensuring that any stability issues with the ODBC driver does not affect your MYOB data file.


With easy to use dialogues, you get to control:

  • which data file to connect;
  • which tables of data to pull;
  • and when to pull this data.

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