How to configure the Ratio’s report

Some customisation must be done on the report to configure it correctly as each MYOB chart of accounts is unique. To configure the ratios, follow these steps.

1) Open the ratios report and customise it.
2) Notice the “Addins” tab in the excel ribbon. Click on it.
3) Notice the Green Plus and Red Minus in the Addins Ribbon. Click the Green Plus to show all the hidden rows.
4) Enter your account numbers to represent your various assets, etc., in the cells in yellow.
5) Once done. Click on the Red Minus to hide these cells.
6) Click on the customise to check the numbers.
7) If everything looks good, you will need to save the changes in the workbook. Click Save (standard excel save) and click the UPDATE button when prompted. Wait a bit, and next time you open the report up, it should have remembered your accounts.