Data Cleansing Process

Steps to cleanse an MYOB AccountRight Classic data file

  1. Contact us to discuss your data cleansing requirements.
    We will then provide an estimation
  2. If you choose to proceed then we will forward an invoice for 50% of the minimum expected amount. Upon notification of payment we will schedule in a time to perform the processing. Typically this will be over the week end.
  3. Optimise and backup your MYOB data file
  4. Click this link to open Dropbox
  5. Enter your Name and Email address
  6. At Subject enter [Your Company Name] MYOB Data file
  7. Select your zipped MYOB data file
  8. Select any supporting documents required to match records. ie a list of matching duplicates
  9. In the Notes field enter your MYOB Administrator Username and Password and confirm that the MYOB data file has been optimised. Also include any instructions on what you want us to do
  10. Click Send it
  11. Ensure that users do not make changes to MYOB during processing
  12. When processing is complete an email will be sent with a link to a zipped copy of your cleansed MYOB Data file.
  13. Download and unzip the MYOB Data file and make it the current version.
  14. Check that the MYOB data file appears OK.
  15. When OK advise users that they can log back onto MYOB.