Delivery Policy

The delivery of our products or services depends on the nature of the product or service.

Off-the-shelf Software Purchases

Accounting Addons’ products are delivered as digital downloads. The trial software you downloaded is a fully functional copy of the product which you can use as trial. Once a software purchase has been made, a license key will be provided to convert the product from a trial copy to a licensed copy.

License Keys, Upgrade Keys and Transfer Keys

Accounting Addons’s provide License Keys, Upgrade Keys and Transfer Keys via email, once a request or purchase of a license key has taken place. It is imperative that valid contact details (email and phone numbers) are provided in order to receive your keys.

For those on subscriptions, a license key will be provided which will expire once the subscription is cancelled.

Quoted Custom Software Development Jobs

Accounting Addons’ custom development reports or solutions will be provided either as a digital download from our website, as an emailed attachment or as a dropbox link. The approach chosen depends on the agreed best approach to deliver the solution or report.

Quoted Support Fees

Accounting Addons will provide support as per the agreed quoted approach. This may include email, phone, remote login via team viewer (or other means) or on-site support.


We reserve the right to amend and change this Delivery Policy as required.