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We are MYOB Professional Developers and Excel Developers.
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Our Mission…
Free you from repetitive tasks that sap your time, energy and vitality.
Empower you with information and advice that guides you to where you want to be.

Our Strategy…
To be the innovators of accounting addon solutions; continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible to deliver uncompromising power and flexibility.

Our Values…
We put you first.
We value the unique contribution you make.
And we want to help you succeed.

Our commitment is to leave you with more time and energy;
to empower you with tools and information that assist you to
focus on fulfilling your mission.

We listen and observe to accurately record what is so; what’s working and what’s not.
We work with you to accurately capture what you want to create.
We keep you updated on progress,
Respond quickly to your support requests and
Listen to your feedback so that we continually improve.

We are thorough, process-orientated and go to great lengths to solve the smallest problems to make your life easier.
We design elegant solutions that work first time every time, so that your experience is a great one.

We believe in providing extreme value.
You can be confident that you will win if you choose us.

We are passionate about what we do…
you will experience this when you work with us.

Our People…

Jeff Stephenson BCom
Founding Managing Director | Solution Architect | MYOB Professional Developer

Formerly employed by MYOB as Design Analyst and MYOB Certified Consultant.
Formerly a BI Reporting Specialist working with cutting edge solutions used by some of Australia’s largest companies.

What we now know as Accounting Addons and it’s signature product BudgetLink, have been Jeff’s vision and labour of love since 1997. In its embryo form, BudgetLink was first released around 2002 and continues to grow and mature to this day. Accounting Addons became a proprietary limited company in 2007.

Nic Emmerich
Lead Developer

Formerly employed by MYOB as a Developer.

Together, Jeff designed and Nic developed MYOB’s BASLink product released in 2000.
In line with Jeff’s ‘dream team’ wish list, he head-hunted his ex-MYOB colleague Nic Emmerich in 2007.


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