Resolve your Business Challenges

Accounting Addons specialises in solving your business challenges. Here are some of the challenges we have overcome.


MYOB Job Budget Analysis by Year and MonthFREE
Capture Job Budgets by Year/Month and compare with MYOB Actuals

MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero Data File ConsolidationsFREE
If you have multiple accounting data files for different companies, our products can consolidate these data files together and automate the preparation of Consolidated Financial Statements.

Automatically create a cash budget to forecast cash flows and balances

Automatically Update Management Reports
Link your existing Excel Reports with live MYOB data

Cash Flow Statements
Generate Statement of Cash Flow reports grouped by Operating, Investing and Financing activities

Cash Reporting
Generate reports with MYOB Classic data calculated on a cash basis as opposed to an accrual basis

Weekly Budgeting and Reporting
Capture budgets and compare with actuals on a weekly basis.

GL Pivot Table Reports
Summarise and Analyse your MYOB data from different perspectives.

Sales Pivot Table Reports
Analyse your MYOB sales data from different perspectives.

Aged Receivables Pivot Table Reports
Analyse your MYOB Aged Receivables data from different perspectives.

Aged Payables Pivot Table Reports
Analyse your MYOB Aged Payables data from different perspectives.

Query Table
Extract and manipulate MYOB transactions and records in Excel Tables

Custom Reports
Modify your add-on solution to fit your organisation


Create direct debits ABA file from MYOB using DirectDebitsLink
Automate Direct Debit processing by generating an ABA file from MYOB Customer Payment transactions ready for import into your bank’s software.

Record customer payments in bulk into MYOB using DirectDebitsLink
Automate the process of recording customers payments into MYOB from invoices and/or recurring invoices.

Credit Cards Processing
Automate Credit Card Processing by generating a Credit Card Payment file from Customer Payment transactions in MYOB ready for Importing into your Banks Online Merchant facility.

Timesheet Capture and Automation
Capture Timesheets in familiar Excel templates, provide data validation with drop downs displaying MYOB list data, sign and submit for approval and forward to payroll for automatic data processing and filing.

Purchase Requisitions
Capture Purchase Requisitions in Excel templates, submit to managers for approval and automatically record into MYOB and file

Customer Invoices and Orders
Capture Customer Invoices or Orders in Excel templates, submit to accounting for automatic recording into MYOB

Custom MYOB Integrations
Connect MYOB with your existing systems to eliminate duplicate data entry.

Bulk Delete Inactive MYOB Cards/Jobs/Items
We provide a service to delete inactive MYOB Cards, Jobs and Items from your MYOB data file.