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Feedback posted on the MYOB C4C Forum on 9-7-2013

Hi All:

Thought I would give some feedback on our client experiences with Accounting Addons – their services and their support and follow through.  I know most of you – as with me – would not recommend a third party provider unless you had some feedback on what they were like.

We have used Jeff and Nic recently to:

  1. Combine all Inactive cards for a number of our clients – into the one card.  We are talking in one instance around 2,700 Inactive cards – made the clients’ lives so much easier on a number of levels
  2. Replacing invalid or incorrect emails on all cards where relevant – up to 2,000 in one instance.  (As you would know, with the MYOB Import, you cannot replace a field with a blank field.  In these cases we ranf client MYOB Customer databases through a programme which showed all incorrect email addresses.  Prior to finding Jeff and Nick, our only option was to replace these email addresses with something like “invalid” in the email field and use that to import and update – very manual process to then go in and delete say 1,000 or more “Invalid” emails in MYOB
  3. Restoring and combining MYOB files where – in one case – 2 users had been using one file – the other 12 or so had ben using another copy – Jeff and Nich saved the client’s bacon on this one!
  4. Purging sales transactions (selective), inactive items and inactive cards where a client’s MYOB file was almost 2GB and they were unable to even open
  5. Automating a process for one client where they needed to bill a Head Office account for up to 100 separate stores (a number of these instances) but wanted to be able to track sales against the individual stores – a brilliant solution!!

I cannot speak highly enough of their service, and their follow through – they have become an integral part of our offering to clients.  And our clients are always so appreciative to us for making the introduction.  Please feel free to contact me off life with any additional questions


Cathy Allington
Managing Director
You Grow Pty Ltd
PO Box 886 Millicent.  SA.  5280
T: 08 87331885
M: 0416 203 966