Delete old Cards, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders from MYOB AccountRight in bulk using our Bulk Deletion Tool for MYOB

If you use MYOB Accounting Right for Accounting and have many transactions you will have found that your MYOB data file will grow in size and as it grows it will get slower, become more unstable and if you reach the 1.8 gig limit will become unusable.

The main way to resolve this issue in MYOB is to purge transactions, however not all types of records such as Cards, Purchase Orders and Sales Orders can be purged and there is no mechanism in MYOB to delete them in bulk.

The only option in MYOB is to open each record manually and delete it an if you have many thousands of records, deleting them manually can take days or even weeks of work.

We have found a way to automate this process and have developed a scripting tool that allows us to program the sequence of key strokes to either delete or merge records in MYOB.

Once the tool is connected to your data file, running the script performs the action as if you were using the keyboard yourself only that it can be set to run at night when it does not effect your daily operations.

With Sales Orders and Purchase Orders, the solution allows you to first select records in MYOB’s Sales Register and Purchase Register

For cards and other lists we can provide a list for you to filter and select from. The solution then looks up those records and then deletes them

To see the bulk deletion of Sales Orders from MYOB AccountRight Enterprise in action, watch the video’s below


The solution can only delete records that you can delete manually in MYOB. This means that cards linked transactions cannot be deleted for example.

Cards can however be merged. The limitation with merging is that the process takes longer and you can only merge 100 cards at time. Some number after 100 consecutive merges, MYOB runs out of memory and has to be restarted.


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There is a minimum fee of AUD $660 inc GST plus a quoted fee for any custom scripting and support.


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