Statement of Cash Flows
(operating, investing, financing)

The Challenge

Most accounting packages do not produce Statements of Cash Flows by showing your business accounts broken down into Operating Activities, Investing Activities and Financing Activities.

What can be done ?

BudgetLink provides the ability to create any number of alternate account hierarchies where you can restructure your accounts against the broad categories of Operating, Investing and Financing.

How does it work ?

Once BudgetLink is connected to your data file, you can create an account hierarchy providing you the flexibility to create the required chart of account.

Then, simply run the Statement of Cash Flows report within BudgetLink to produce the needed reports.

What costs are involved ?

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Statement of Cash Flows Chart (Operating/Investing/Financing)
Prices quoted are in $AUD and inclusive of GST.

How to get started ?

Download BudgetLink Ultimate Edition or find out more about BudgetLink.