Report on more than 3 years

The Challenge

MYOB’s Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports are limited to 3 years; Last Year, Current Year and Next Year.

This can be a problem if you have not rolled over your data file or you wish to compare historical trends prior to last year or forecast beyond next year.

What can be done ?

BudgetLink can be configured to pull data up to 10 years before Last Year and 10 years after Next Year.

This ensures you have the flexibility to report on the years you want while providing the best possible performance.

The multiple years report below demonstrates how this feature can be applied.

How does it work ?

BudgetLink pulls data from Journal records and/or transaction tables which are not bound by MYOB’s 3 year restriction. It then loads data from the selected historical year to the selected future year. Reports have a years dimension which can have up to 20 years to selection from.

What costs are involved ?

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Report on more than 3 years
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How to get started ?

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