Create Multiple Budgets or Forecasts

The Challenge

Part of the challenge of budgeting is getting the numbers exactly right and adjusting these numbers as the business condition changes. To this end, having multiple versions of budgets where you can refine the numbers through the year is really useful.

What can be done ?

BudgetLink Ultimate Edition provides you the ability to have multiple budget versions which can either be used as budgets or as forecasts.

How does it work ?

Within BudgetLink’s version control module, you can create multiple budget versions. Each budget version you create allows you to capture numbers for multiple data files, years, accounts, jobs and periods.

You can also use the Modify Data functionality which allows you to clear, copy or move your budget values between versions, accounts or jobs.

Finally, you can report on these additional budgets by customising any existing report and selecting the required budget version.

What costs are involved ?

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Create Multiple Budgets or Forecasts
Prices quoted are in $AUD and inclusive of GST.

How to get started ?

Download BudgetLink Ultimate Edition or find out more about BudgetLink.