Create Alternative Job Headers Using Job Groups

The Challenge

While MYOB allows you to create a hierarchy of jobs (nested levels) and Reckon Accounts allows you to do the same with Classes, you sometime want to be able to create a Profit and Loss report for multiple jobs that do not naturally sit within a specific header.

What can be done ?

BudgetLink provides the ability to create Job Groups which allows you to sum jobs or classes together irrespective or where they sit within the hierarchy.

How does it work ?

Within BudgetLink, you can create a Job Group. Using rules, you can determine which Jobs (or classes) get included into the job group. Once the Job Group is created, you can use any report within BudgetLink and customise it to show the data for the specific job group.

What costs are involved ?

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Alternate Job Headers
Prices quoted are in $AUD and inclusive of GST.

How to get started ?

Download BudgetLink Ultimate Edition or find out more about BudgetLink.