Automate your Custom Reports using BudgetLink

The Challenge

Due to the varied nature of every company, it is not unusual for companies to require very specific or tailored reports. There will always reasons and situations why one organisation needs slightly different reports. However, most accounting products and addons do a poor job of providing custom reports.

What can be done ?

BudgetLink has been designed from the ground up to automate custom reports. In fact, every report available started it’s life as a custom report.

How does it work ?

BudgetLink’s powerful architecture provides means to download any data from your accounting product (MYOB, QuickBooks/Reckon Accounts or XERO) as well as powerful excel-based formulas to create any report required.

Creating custom reports can be as simple as:

  • tweaking an existing BudgetLink report to provide the functionality required;
  • enhancing a manual report that already exists within your organisation with BudgetLink’s powerful formulas;
  • creating a report from scratch based on specific requirements.

What costs are involved ?

The costs quoted to create custom reports depends on the complexity of the report as well as the starting point available. Contact us to discuss your custom report requirements.

How to get started ?

Download BudgetLink or Contact us to discuss your custom report requirements.