BudgetLink – Faster than ever (May 2014)

Over the last six months, we’ve put considerable efforts to make BudgetLink faster than ever.

We’ve improved:

  • the time it takes to get data;
  • the amount of memory it uses;
  • the time it takes to start;
  • the time it takes to close down.

Get Data Speed Improvements

We’ve considerably improved the time it takes for the Get Data to run by changing the way the data is stored into memory. BudgetLink’s memory model is now more efficient and streamlined. The more time consuming algorithms have been redesigned to calculate the required numbers on the fly. As such, they no longer weigh down the application or slow down the get data process.

Memory Usage Improvements

By redesigning the memory model, BudgetLink uses considerably less memory to store the data it needs to generate reports. As such, it is quicker, more stable and reliable. This is particularly important for those consolidating large data files together.

Closing Speed Improvements

One added benefit of the new memory model is that by using less memory, BudgetLink needs to release less memory when closing down. This means that BudgetLink can close quickly in most environments.

Opening Speed Improvements

Lastly, we’ve restructured the code such that portions which are rarely ever used are only loaded when required. BudgetLink should start considerably faster on most systems.

You can download the latest upgrade of BudgetLink (v3.42.1.104) as well as read the terms from the following link.

You can find the upgrade instructions on our wiki.

For more information about whats included in BudgetLink go here:
BudgetLink Home

We hope this update makes a difference.

Jeff Stephenson
Managing Director | Solution Architect